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The 10 Best Car Waxes  Apr 2018

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Your Guide To Buying a Car Wax

By Sharon Lim

    Car wax isn’t an absolutely essential purchase—your car will run perfectly well without it—but sometimes you just want your car to look its best. Keeping it clean is a good start, and a great car wax can put things over the top and can help keep your car looking like it just rolled out of the factory. There are plenty of waxes on the market, so choosing the right brand for you and your car might be a bit tricky. Fortunately, this guide will help you pick the perfect brand of wax for keeping your car looking its best.

    Paste: This is the type of car wax most people think of when they hear the term. The paste is applied to the car’s surface, then removed via buffing, which leaves a thin, slick coat of wax that can’t be seen, but which adds an unmistakable shine to the car’s surface.

    Liquid: Liquid waxes can be sprayed or squirted onto cars for easy application. Their liquid consistency can make them a bit less likely to stick than paste-style waxes, but knowledgeable manufacturers have ways of correcting for that.

    Carnauba: Carnauba wax is produced from a Brazilian tree of the same name. It is a particularly popular type of wax, recognized worldwide for its high-quality shine.

    Here are a few of the points that reviewers make when giving feedback on their car wax purchases:

    • Shine: The main job of car wax is to provide a high-quality shine, so it stands to reason that this is the most common theme in reviews. The best waxes give cars a shine that makes the car look like new.

    • Ease of application and removal: Waxing a car is a job, but it shouldn’t feel like a chore. The better brands go on and come off without too much effort.

    • Thickness of coating: One of the common themes in reviews is how much wax it takes to get the job done. Better brands are able to put a shine on the car with a comparatively small amount of wax.

    • Smoothness: When people wax their cars, they want to be left with a shiny, smooth surface. The best waxes allow for that—they buff off nicely, leaving a thin, smooth coat of wax and not a thick residue.

    • Application specifications: Some waxes come with very specific requirements for how they are to be applied and removed when it comes to the equipment needed for the job. If a wax’s manufacturer tells you that you need a specific type of cloth, for example, take a look around your garage and see if you have what the company recommends—and if not, determine if it’s something that you’re willing to go out and buy.

    • Amount of wax required: When looking at the product’s specifications, try to get a sense of how much (or little) wax will be required to get the job done, then decide whether or not the amount you need to use will be worth your money.

    • Clear instructions: Look for a brand that comes with easy-to-follow directions for applying and removing the wax.

    Meguiar’s: Meguiar’s is an American company that has been producing waxes and other polishing materials since 1901. The company started off as a producer of furniture polish, but eventually switched to exclusively making car waxes and related products.

    Chemical Guys: Chemical Guys is an American company that specializes in automotive detailing products for both the exteriors and interiors of cars.

    Turtle: If there is a company that is synonymous with car waxes, it’s Turtle. Founded in 1941, Turtle Wax has been one of the most recognized and trusted products on the market for over 70 years.

    Mothers: Mothers is an American company that has made car waxes, polishes, and other detailing products since the 1970s.