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The 10 Best Foam Rollers  Jun 2018

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Top choice
Best Foam Rollers - Foam roller KG | PHYSIO Trigger Point Massage Review KG Physio
9 . 7
Best Foam Rollers - Fit Nation Foam Roller - Black Review Fit Nation
9 . 5
Best value
Best Foam Rollers - BODYMATE Foam roller CLASSIC BLUE for deep tissue Review BODYMATE
9 . 3
Best Foam Rollers - Foam Roller rumble 2 in 1 Set Review Prime4Design
9 . 0
Best Foam Rollers - VLFit Foam Roller Yoga Pilates for Massage Workout Review VLFit
8 . 6
Best Foam Rollers - Starwood Sports Foam Roller for Deep Tissue Muscle Review Starwood Sports
8 . 3
Best Foam Rollers - Bionix 2 in 1 Foam Roller rumble Set Review Bionix - Professional Support
8 . 1
Best Foam Rollers - fitnessXzone Foam Roller Yoga Pilates - 45x15cm / Review fitnessXzone
7 . 8
Best Foam Rollers - PhysioRoom Elite Blue EVA Foam Roller 15cm x Review PhysioRoom
7 . 4
Best Foam Rollers - Scunci Foam Rollers - 48 Piece Review Scunci
7 . 3

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Your Guide To Buying a Foam Roller

By Nicole Blanckenberg

    Foam rollers have become a must-have fitness tool for home use and personal trainers. This is because they are great for relieving pain and strengthening muscles, and are portable enough to take anywhere! Finding the right quality foam roller is the difference between effective results and buyers’ remorse, however. To help you choose the right foam roller for you, we have put together this foam roller buying guide with all the information you need to find the a roller that gets the job done!

    Foam rollers differ in the materials they are made from and come in three size options. The main types of foam rollers include polyurethane foam rollers, expanded polyurethane foam rollers, and ethylene vinyl acetate, each coming in three size options. We have broken down the main foam roller types for you to compare and choose:

    Polyurethane Foam Rollers: Polyurethane Foam Rollers are your most cost effective foam roller type. Normally white, they are the ideal choice if you are looking for a cost effective model to try out foam rolling before investing in a more professional roller.

    Expanded Polyurethane Foam Rollers: Also known as ‘closed cell’ foam rollers, expanded polyurethane foam rollers are black and offer a lot more firmness. With improved durability and density, these rollers are a quality choice for beginner and seasoned roller users alike.

    Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Foam Rollers (EVA): For users who have used foam rollers before, ethylene vinyl acetate foam rollers are ideal for deep tissue issues. Offering a firmness between polyurethane and expanded polyurethane foam roller types, they are a tough foam roller choice.

    6 by 36 inch Foam Rollers: 6 by 36 inch foam rollers are the longest of the foam roller types and allow users to lie vertically along the roller. A safe option for all roller skill levels, 6 by 36 inch foam rollers are a popular choice.

    6 by 12-to-18 inch Foam Rollers: If you are looking for a foam roller that is more compact and portable so that you can take your foam roller with you wherever you go, then a 6 by 18 inch or smaller foam rollers is the ideal choice for you.

    Cut-in-half Foam Rollers: Cut-in-half foam rollers are designed to be flat on one side to make movements easier. Especially suited for beginners, cut-in-half rollers are a great starting foam roller.

    Based on all the consumers' reviews we've scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

    1. Reach: The reach of a foam roller is a top talking point among reviewers. Foam roller owners rate rollers that reach most body parts, with minimal effort, much higher than foam rollers that don’t offer the same reach. In this regards, 6 by 36 inch rollers are the most popular.
    2. Firmness: The firmer the foam roller, the deeper it will work your muscles and foam rollers that are firmer are real crowd pleasers. Users that bought foam rollers that are firm enough to suit their needs and skill level are a lot more satisfied with their purchases.
    3. Shape: Foam rollers that hold their shape over time and during use are rated much higher than those that don’t. It is for this important factor that medium to high density high quality foam rollers score much higher among foam roller reviewers.
    • How often do you plan on using your foam roller? For infrequent use or starting out, opt for a polyurethane foam roller. For more frequent use and an upgrade over polyurethane, choose an EVA or an expanded polyurethane foam roller.
    • The denser the foam roller, the deeper the muscle tissue it will reach, and an easy way to tell the density of a foam roller is by its color. White foam rollers offer light density for softer deep-tissue massage and are better suited for beginners. Blue, green, and purple foam rollers are normally a medium density and offer a good upgrade from beginner to intermediate. Black rollers offer the high density needed for deep-tissue treatment.
    • The way you plan to use your foam roller will determine what kind of roller surface you should choose. For stretching and massaging muscles, exercising, and strength training, a smooth foam roller works adequately. If you want a little extra function from your roller, textured rollers offer deeper massaging and are better for circulation and are good choice for users who workout regularly and need more muscle care.
    • What muscle areas do you wish to concentrate on? For larger muscle groups, opt for a longer foam roller to ensure more versatility.

    JFIT: JFit was founding in the 90’s by Jody Lernihan and her brother Bob, and aims to supply consumers with portable, storable high quality exercise equipment.

    Trigger Point Performance: Founded by a member of the Olympic Training Center in Canada and the United States, Trigger Point Performance fitness products are manufactured to get good results and are suited for athletes and non-athletes alike.

    Rumbleroller: Founded in 1990, Rumble Roller are known for their high quality fitness tools and top rated deep tissue massage equipment that is affordable.

    OPTP: Orthopedic Physical Therapy Products (OPTP) are a leading physical therapy products manufacturer, including good quality rollers, with over 30 years of business experience.