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The 10 Best Castor Oils  May 2019

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Best Castor Oils - Castor Oil - 1 Litre - Pure Review TheSoapery
9 . 8
Best Castor Oils - Castor Oil - 100% Pure and Certified Organic Review SAMAR
9 . 6
Best Castor Oils - Pukka Organic Castor Oil 250ml Review Pukka
9 . 1
Best Castor Oils - Naissance Cold Pressed Castor Oil (no. 217) 1 Review Naissance
8 . 8
Best Castor Oils - Naissance Cold Pressed Castor Oil (no. 217) 250ml Review Naissance
8 . 7
Best Castor Oils - Naissance Cold Pressed Castor Oil 100ml - Pure Review Naissance
8 . 2
Best Castor Oils - Naissance Cold Pressed Castor Oil 500ml - Vegan Review Naissance
8 . 1
Best Castor Oils - Organic Castor Oil,Cold Pressed Pure Castor Oil Review ETRONG
7 . 7
Best Castor Oils - PraNaturals Cold Pressed Castor Oil 250ml - 100% Review PraNaturals
7 . 6
Best Castor Oils - POWERFUL HAIR GROWTH SHAMPOO Coffee Castor Oil Review B.O.T cosmetic & wellness
7 . 3

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Your Guide To Buying a Castor Oil

By Yehudah Posnick

    Parents or teachers used to punish children by making them drink a dose of Castor oil. It's rare to find it used for that purpose anymore, but health and beauty experts have found that it has a wealth of uses:

    • Moisturizes skin and hair

    • Stimulates hair growth/controls and reverses hair loss

    • Fights scalp infections and dandruff, split ends and frizzy hair

    • Strengthens nails and cuticles

    • Removes wrinkles and facial lines

    • Treats dry skin, acne and sun damage.

    The secret is that Castor Oil is rich in fatty acids (especially ricinoleic acid), which has been found to be beneficial for triggering skin and hair growth. So you will want Castor oil with the maximum potential. Here is a guide to some of the best Castor oil products on the market.  

    • Jamaican Black Castor Oil—This is considered the purest and highest quality Castor oil. The Castor beans have undergone roasting before the oil is extracted. The roasting gives the oil a deep color. If unrefined, it should have retained all the available nutrients: protein, vitamins, and fatty acids that nourish the hair follicles and enhance growth.

    • Hydrogenated Castor oil: The oil has undergone hydrogenation (the same process employed in making margarine from vegetable oil).This is Castor oil in a hard, brittle wax form. This improves the keeping qualities, taste and odor of the Castor oil.

    • Organic Castor Oil: This is Castor oil that is extracted by a cold-pressed method. This is considered a pure and safe version, since 1) no heat has been applied, to maintain the maximum nutrients in the oil, and 2) no chemicals have been employed in extracting the oil.

    • Use Castor oil on wet hair: Some people were surprised by the thick, sticky consistency when they started using Castor oil. The consensus is to apply Castor oil on wet hair, in order that it not be so thick and it will spread more easily. Also, because of its thickness, you don't need very much to achieve the desired results.

    • Thinning hair in men: One user said that her father has restored hair on a bad bald spot after a month of using Castor oil. But it has to be applied at least once a week.

    • Mix with other oils: People described cutting the thickness of Castor oil by mixing it with coconut oil and Shea butter. Others say that they mix it with olive or almond oil.

    • Apply the oil only to the ends of the hair: If your problem is only taking care of frizzy hair, you can try applying Castor oil only to the edges of the hair, instead of applying it through the whole length of the hair.

    • Thickening eyebrows: Women who have waxed or removed eyebrows employ Castor oil to thicken the eyebrows. Castor oil has ricinoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids which accelerate blood circulation and hair growth.

    • Scalp treatment: Castor oil is also recommended as a scalp treatment. Since it moisturizes, it can prevent dandruff (which is from dry, flaking scalp). Because it stimulates blood circulation where it is applied, it can be used on spots where hair has thinned. It also helps fight bacterial and fungi.

    • Skin deep cleansing: Castor oil has an ability to dissolve dirt, makeup residue, and excess sebum (an oil produced by the skin), that might clog your skin pores. The treatment is to rub the Castor oil on your face for a few minutes, and applying a warm cloth on the skin. Wait until it cools off.

    • Prefer cold pressed, cold processed oils: The less processing means the more nutrients in the oil. These types can usually be bought in health food stores—a grocery store will not usually sell such a specialty product.

    • Other uses: Let's say you bought the Castor oil as a hair moisturizer. If you don't achieve the desired results, you can try using it on your skin. You can apply it to the soles of your feet, or as a wash for moisturizing your face.

    Tropic Isle Living—was founded in 1992 by Michael and Lois Hines. The company is based in Atlanta, Georgia. They make a line of health and beauty products, based on Jamaican herbs, oils and berries. Black Castor Oil is their most famous product.

    Beardsmen Spirit—is a beard care product company located in Northville, Michigan. They make a line of hair care products: oils, waxes, balms, and shampoos, in a wide variety of scents. They employ Castor oil in their products to prevent dryness and flakiness of the skin of the beard.

    InstaNatural—started as a small business in Orlando, Florida. Presently they make an entire line of personal care products, with an emphasis on skin care. They strive to use organic and natural ingredients, free from artificial colors and dyes.

    Gio Naturals—is a company specializing in organic oils for beauty and health care products. They market Argan, Emu, Rosehip, Jojoba, Castor, and Tamanu Oils, specialized for different purposes in conditioning, moisturizing, and nourishing skin and hair.

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