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The 10 Best Charging Stations  May 2019

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Best Charging Stations - ValueTalks Multi Device Charging Station 6 Port Detachable Review ValueTalks
9 . 6
Best Charging Stations - allcaca USB Charging Station Dock 6-Port Desktop Charger Review allcaca
9 . 5
Best Charging Stations - JZBRAIN Multi Device Charging Station 5-Port USB 5 Review JZBRAIN
9 . 1
Best Charging Stations - RAVPower USB Charger, USB Charging Stations with 60W Review RAVPower
8 . 9
Best Charging Stations - JZBRAIN Multi Device Charging Station 5 Port USB Review JZBRAIN
8 . 7
Best Charging Stations - Yisen Wood Bamboo Multi Device Charging Station 5-Port Review Yisen
8 . 3
Best Charging Stations - PRITEK Smart USB Charging Station Dock & Organizer Review PRITEK
8 . 0
Best Charging Stations - IMLEZON Charging Station With Cables 5V 40W 5-Port Review IMLEZON
7 . 8
Best Charging Stations - Charging Station Dock & Organizer for Cellphone Tablet Review PRITEK
7 . 3
Best Charging Stations - VOGEK Charging Station, 50W Fast Charging Dock Station Review VOGEK
7 . 0

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Your Guide To Buying a Charging Station

By Sharon Lim

    In this day and age, many of us find ourselves with more electronic devices than we know what to do with. Phones, e-readers, tablets, laptops, and more have become staples in the average American home. Charging all of these devices can be a frustrating affair, from finding enough outlets to making space on a counter or bedside table. Charging stations are the perfect way to simplify both powering up and storing your devices. This buying guide will inform you about the different charging stations available and help you determine which type best suits your lifestyle.

    Universal: Many charging stations are designed to hold and power a wide range of electronic devices.  These stations have a space to hold a power supply with various connection types and comprise multiple dividers that allow devices of varying lengths and widths to be docked at once.

    PlayStation: Some charging stations are dedicated exclusively to charging PlayStation controllers and can also serve as a stand for your controllers to hang on while they are not in use.

    Stand: Some charging stations only come as a stand or dock and you would have to purchase a power supply separately.

    Power Supply: Conversely, some charging stations are simply large power supplies with multiple outlets and cords. These stations will charge your devices but will not hold them or organize the cords.

    All in One: There are, however, charging stations available that come with both the dock and the power supply all together.

    • Aesthetics: Five-star reviewers used words like “elegant,” “minimalistic,” and “modern,” to describe their new charging stations. Most people chose to invest in a charging station to clear up cord clutter and better organize their space. Reviewers loved that on top of organizing their cables and centralizing their devices, the docks were good looking even when not in use.
    • Sturdy: Reviewers were thrilled with how sturdy their charging stations were, regardless of how many devices were docked. Many commented on the high center of gravity and balance that eliminated worries that the dock would tip over, sending devices to an untimely end. In addition, customers who purchased docks that hold devices vertically were impressed by the solid construction of each individual divider.
    • Multiple Devices: One of the most important and coveted features of charging stations was the number of devices that they could hold. The most highly rated charging stations had space for over 5 devices, most even more. The happiest customers indicated that they shared their charging station with a partner or their family and were astounded by the fact that everyone was able to charge and dock as many devices as they needed to without ever having to fight over space.
    • Small footprint: Given that charging stations were designed to save space and help keep us organized, it comes as no surprise that the most highly-rated charging stations had a small footprint. Users loved that they were able to consolidate their devices in one tight area, clearing up surface space from devices and cords alike.
    • Cord Storage: Every charging station has its own unique design. Many have a hidden compartment with room to hide all of your cords, often with teeth or posts to wrap each cord around so as to prevent bending and tangling. Others only dock your devices and the cords hang outside. Cord storage is all about personal preference. If you are hoping to completely clean up the area where you charge your devices, a charging station that hides away your cords is probably best for you.
    • Horizontal vs. Vertical: Some charging stations are built to hold your devices lying down flat while others have dividers so that they can stand up vertically. If you hope to charge numerous devices on your station at once, a vertical docking system will open up more space for devices. If you only intend to charge a few devices at once or feel your station is at risk of being tipped over, a horizontal docking system may be a better bet.
    • Number of Devices: The number of devices that can be charged on your station at any one time depends on both the docking system design and the power supply. Consider how many ports are available on your power supply as well as the number and size of the compartments on the dock. In addition, it is important to consider whether or not you will be keeping your devices in their cases while they charge. If so, you may want a station with wider compartments to allow for the extra thickness.
    • All-inclusive: It is often more economically sound to purchase a charging station that includes both the dock and the power supply, rather than purchasing them separately. However, if you cannot find a charging station that has both power supply and a design that you want, you would benefit from purchasing the components separately. Read product descriptions carefully before making your purchase so that you do not end up with two power supplies or none at all.
    • Footprint: Many people purchase charging stations as a way to save space on cluttered surfaces. Check out product dimensions to ensure that your new charging station will fit your intended space.
    • Aesthetics: Charging stations come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, and have various ways of holding devices and cords. Look at pictures on the website and in reviews to see which charging station looks best to you. 

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