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The 10 Best Cooking Torches  May 2019

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Best Cooking Torches - Kitchen Blow Torch | Pro Scorch | The Review Pro Scorch
9 . 8
Best Cooking Torches - Philonext Kitchen Blow Torch Lighter, Refillable Cooking Culinary Review Philonext
9 . 3
Best Cooking Torches - Andrew James Kitchen Blow Torch for Cooking Review Andrew James
9 . 2
Best Cooking Torches - Blow Torch,Luckea Kitchen Torch Lighter Chefs Cooking Blow Review Luckea
8 . 8
Best Cooking Torches - Blow Torch, Professional Kitchen Cooking Torch with Safety Review WOSTOO
8 . 6
Best Cooking Torches - Cooking Torch Kitchen Blow Torch Butane Refillable Quadruple Review Topsense
8 . 3
Best Cooking Torches - Bond Hardware® Blow Torch Butane Gas Kit Cooking Review
8 . 0
Best Cooking Torches - LIVIVO Kitchen Baking Blow Torch Refillable Gas Butane Review LIVIVO
7 . 9
Best Cooking Torches - Kitchen Blow Torch Lighter Bearbro , Refillable Cooking Review Bearbro
7 . 5
Best Cooking Torches - GiBot Blow Torch Lighter Kitchen Butane Culinary Torch Review GiBot
7 . 3

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Your Guide To Buying a Cooking Torch

By Yehudah Posnick

    A cooking torch works on butane gas, or “lighter fluid”, and is useful in a kitchen for many purposes. You can use it to light a gas flame—in restaurants with large flame burners, it's practically a necessity to start the flame with a cooking torch. Also, there are recipes, such as crème brulée, that call for caramelizing a layer of sugar on top of a custard with a cooking torch. You can also use it to melt cheese, or sear a piece of meat or fish. But even here, you'll see that some torches have extra features that might be worth getting. You can get torches with adjustable flame heights, or with safety features, so as to avoid accidents.

    The best cooking torch should be safe and easy to use, while at the same time it has to achieve the right culinary results. You also want a cooking torch that will use the fuel efficiently, so that you won't have to refill the container often. Shop around and follow our tips below to find the right cooking torch. 


    • Choose the right type of cooking torch,
    • See useful tips about that type of cooking torch,
    • Read reviews of different brands of cooking torches, and what customers are saying, 
    • Select the right brand of cooking torch,
    • Compare prices and find the best deals.
    • Food Torch Head: Companies sell blowtorch heads, that you can attach to any butane gas canister. The gas canister here will have a type of rim, or flange, for you to attach the nozzle.

    • Culinary Torch: You can buy a cooking torch where the nozzle comes with a refillable gas canister. When the gas is finished, you attach the head to another canister. The head is identical to the blowtorch nozzle mentioned above, with the following features:

      • Dial: You turn a dial on the torch to regulate the flow of butane gas out of the canister.

      • Ignition: You press a button on the torch, which in turn presses on a piezoelectric crystal. That produces the necessary spark that lights the butane gas.

      • Safety Latch: You'll want to be sure that you can employ the torch safely. There usually is an on/off latch, which prevents the butane gas from escaping unexpectedly. (That can be both expensive and dangerous.) It is also a feature to protect against children inadvertently turning the torch on. You should open the latch just before using the torch, and lock it immediately afterwards. In some torches, when the latch is locked in the “on” position, it will produce a constant flame.

    Based on all the consumers' reviews we've scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

    • Saves money: Customers realize that they can achieve food comparable to that of a restaurant, at a fraction of the price. So even though it might seem like an extra expense, a cooking torch quickly pays for itself. 

    • Lights easily: You don't want a torch that requires a lot of effort to light. The Readitools Culinary Butane Ready Torch is noted for being easy to light, besides having a unique design.

    • Filling the torch: You will have to refill the torch with butane fuel from time to time. Some torches have a fuel level indicator to tell you when you're low on butane. They also have a Max line level, to tell you what is considered “full”.

    • What type of fuel: Refill the torch with high-quality butane. (Propane will give the food a strange taste.) Some brands of torches require that you refill them with that particular company's butane fluid.

    • Use a blue flame: Adjust the knob that releases the gas so that the flame is blue. If the flame is yellow, that is an indication of flame that is burning the butane inefficiently.

    • Two levels of flame: You'll use your cooking torch for many different tasks, that require different flame levels. The Ready Torch cooking torch produces two levels of flame: a jet, and a normal flame.

    • Burning time: You want a butane torch that will last for a long time between refills. Some torches have enough capacity so that a full torch has 200 minutes of burning time.

    LiBa—are makers of home and kitchen products. They make shower curtains, barbecue grill covers, kettles, vegetable slicers, and culinary torches.

    Vie de Chef—are makers of a butane culinary torch, for kitchen and baking use. They also make a whisk tool for whipping, beating and mixing ingredients.

    Bonjour—are innovators in making gourmet kitchen products. They make French Press coffee makers, milk frothers, teapots, kitchen torches, dinnerware, cookware, and bakeware.

    Readitools—is a maker of culinary and kitchen implements, based in California. Their Ready Torch is their flagship product. They have a number of innovative uses for a kitchen torch in recipes: carmelizing sugar, melting cheese, browning meringues, and more.

    Culinary Prestige—is located in Los Angeles, California. They are makers of a quality cooking torch, that can heat up to 2370 degrees Fahrenheit. Their refillable blowtorch is good for more than just the kitchen: you can use it in soldering, welding, DIY projects and more.

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