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The 10 Best Label Printers  Jun 2019

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Best Label Printers - Terow Receipt Printer,Label Printer ,Barcode Printer with High Review TEROW
9 . 6
Best Label Printers - Brother PT-D600VP Label Printer | P-Touch Labeller | Review Brother
9 . 5
Best Label Printers - Dymo S0915390 Label Manager PnP Plug and Play Review Dymo
9 . 2
Best Label Printers - Brother QL-700 Label Maker, Address Labeller, PC Connected Review Brother
9 . 0
Best Label Printers - Brother PT-P700 Label Maker, P-Touch Labeller, PC Connected Review Brother
8 . 7
Best Label Printers - Brother PT-D400 Label Maker, P-Touch Labeller, QWERTY Keyboard Review Brother
8 . 2
Best Label Printers - Brother PT-H110 Label Maker, P-Touch Labeller, QWERTY Keyboard Review Brother
8 . 0
Best Label Printers - Brother PT-P300BT Label Maker, P-Touch Cube Labeller, Bluetooth Review Brother
7 . 8
Best Label Printers - Brother PT-P710BT Label Maker, P-Touch Cube+ Labeller, Bluetooth Review Brother
7 . 4
Best Label Printers - Brother QL-500 Thermal Label Printer - White Review Brother
7 . 2

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Your Guide To Buying a Label Printer

By Yehudah Posnick

    If you have a business that prints labels often, or if you want to print a lot of address labels for a mailing, you can make your task a lot easier if you have a dedicated label printer. Although regular computer inkjet printers or laser printers are suitable for printing labels, you may need the portability and the versatility of a label printer. They can print either a few or a large amount of labels, and can be more economical than a computer printer. You can get a thermal transfer printer, which works on a ribbon, or a direct thermal printer, which needs special heat-sensitive material for the labels, but is a less expensive printer.

    We've put together this guide to help you select the best label printer that answers to your needs. It'll help you:

    • Choose the right type of label printer,

    • See useful tips about that type of label printer,    

    • Read reviews of different brands of label printer, and what customers are saying,

    • Select the right brand of label printer, and

    • Compare prices and find the best deals.

    • Thermal Transfer: These use an ink ribbon made from wax and/or resin.They can be either an entry-level model, or industrial-grade, for high volumes of labels.  You have to use the right type of ribbon for your labels, for the ink to adhere properly. The ink here will last longer than in the direct thermal model.

    • Direct Thermal: Instead of using an ink ribbon, here the label or printer paper is treated with special chemicals that are heat-activated. By heating the label, the printer creates printed images. But you have to be careful here: the ink will fade if exposed to heat or ultraviolet light.

    Note: There are label printers that use both Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal technology.

    • Laser and Inkjet: You can use a typical computer printer--either a laser printer or inkjet printer--to print labels. Laser and inkjet labels come in sheets, where the labels are of different dimensions. You adjust your computer’s word processing program settings to print with according to the dimension of the labels. Here, the drawback is that it is inconvenient to print a single label. The whole sheet of labels must pass through the printer. If you pass the sheet through again, it might not be aligned properly.

    Based on all the consumers' reviews we've scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

    • Versatility: The Seiko Instruments Smart Label Printer can print all sorts of labels: addresses, shipping labels, file folder labels, name badges, and more.

    • Connectability: Most label printers have a variety of connections: they can hook up by a USB cable, Ethernet cable, or Bluetooth. The Epson, Brother and Seiko printers will usually have drivers to work with PCs or Macbooks.

    • Portable printers: There are portable label printers that allow you to hook up the printer to any computer. It can work on batteries as well as on wall current. There are even hand-held label printers: The Brady BMP21 Handheld Label Printer allows you to print labels to mark electronic components, wires, etc.

    • Advantages of thermal transfer printers: In a thermal transfer printer, the ribbon comes in between the printhead and the label. This means less friction and wear on the print head, which is more expensive than the ribbon. Also, some thermal ribbons have a coating to increase the printer's print head's life. It is estimated that the print head in thermal transfer printers last 2x as long as in direct thermal printing.

    • Advantages of direct thermal printing: In direct thermal printing, since there is no ribbon, it is simpler in design, so there are fewer things that can go wrong with the mechanics of the printer. Also, it doesn't have the added expense of a ribbon, nor the trouble of replacing the ribbon or ink cartridges. A direct thermal printer is also usually cheaper as well. It is also environmentally more sound, since there is less waste from used-up printer ribbons.

    • Speed: The speed of the label printing might be important for you. The Brother QL-1050 Wide Format PC Label Printer can print 66 labels of 4 lines of print per minute. The DYMO LabelWriter 4XL Thermal Label Printer prints in two speeds: it prints 53 standard labels/minute, or 129 high-capacity labels/minute.

    • Direct Thermal Labels: Some direct thermal printers require that you use their brand of thermal labels--which can be many times the price of generic thermal labels. Take this into consideration when buying a label printer--it might be a reason to go with a thermal transfer printer instead.

    Brother: Formed in 1954, Brother opened its American branch and moved into the fields of knitting machines and home electric appliances. Over the years they have built up their portfolio to include electronics and printers.

    Canon: Canon's founding mission was to build a company that created high-quality cameras. Canon realized this dream in 1936 when it released the Hansa Canon, Japan's first 35mm focal-plane shutter camera and have expanded over the years into producing an array of electronics, including printers.

    Epson: The history of Epson America and their parent company Seiko Epson Corporation began in 1942 with a heritage watchmaking that led to the invention of the world's first quartz watch. From there the company expanded into electronics and its printed are now rated among the best.

    Dymo: was founded in 1958 as an embossing company, but they have expanded to become manufacturers of products for the office, warehouse, worksite, home, and classroom. They make embossers, labels and label printers, contact management software, business card scanning solutions, mailing and shipping scales, and more.


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