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The 10 Best Nail Guns  May 2019

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Best Nail Guns - VonHaus Cordless Electric Nail Gun - Stapler Nailer Review VonHaus
9 . 7
Best Nail Guns - Silverline 282400 Air Framing Nailer, 90 mm, 10-12 Review Silverline
9 . 5
Best Nail Guns - Tacwise Duo 50 Electric Staple/Nail Gun Review Tacwise
9 . 2
Best Nail Guns - Makita AF505N Brad Nailer 18G Review Makita
8 . 9
Best Nail Guns - Tacwise 400ELS Electric Nail Gun Review Tacwise
8 . 5
Best Nail Guns - Ryobi ONE+ 18G AirStrike Nailer, 18V (Body Only) Review Ryobi
8 . 2
Best Nail Guns - VonHaus Cordless Nail Gun - Nailer / Stapler Review
8 . 0
Best Nail Guns - Lumberjack 18v Cordless Li-Ion Nail Gun & Stapler Review
7 . 8
Best Nail Guns - VonHaus Nail Gun & Staple Gun Cordless Electric Review
7 . 4
Best Nail Guns - Silverline Air Framing Nailer 90mm Nail Gun For Review
7 . 0

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Your Guide To Buying a Nail Gun

By Nick Cline

    Nail guns, or ‘nailers’, are a must-have tool for any home improvement toolbox or workshop. Making high-volume nailing efficient and easy, they are a popular tool for DIY enthusiasts and construction workers, but finding the right one can seem like finding a nail in a haystack. Not any more! To help you easily choose the right nail gun for you, we have put together this nail gun buying guide so that you can easily compare and choose the ideal tool.

    Nail guns are either electric or pneumatic/pressurized-gas powered, and come in two varieties of loading styles - coil loading and stick loading guns. The main types of nail guns can also be divided by the jobs they are able to perform: roofing, finish, framing, and precision nail guns. Below is a complete breakdown of the types of nail guns you are able to choose from:

    Finish Nail Guns: Finish nail guns are designed to put the finishing touch on furniture, molding, cupboards, and trim and are ideal for those jobs where a softer touch is needed.


    Framing Nail Guns: Fast ejection and durable nails make this nail gun perfect for nailing together large pieces of material and the ideal choice when heavy-duty nailing is needed.

    Precision Nail Guns: Also known as trackers or staplers, precision nail guns are lightweight and are the best choice when maximum precision is need.

    Electric Nail Guns: Perfect for small home improvement jobs, electric powered nail guns are a convenient choice for tight spaces and off jobs.

    Pneumatic Nail Guns: Pneumatic nail guns are an ideal tool when high-volume nailing is needed. Easy to maintain, pneumatic nail guns are a great addition to any workshop.

    Coil-Style Nail Guns: Holding up to 300 nails at a time, coil-style nail guns are packed with long strings of nails that are wound into a coil. They are ideal for big industrial jobs where a lot of nailing is needed at one time.

    Stick-Style Nail Guns: Stick-style nail guns hold the nails together with plastic or wire that is pushed into a magazine. Offering a variety of nail lengths, they are a great choice for home DIY projects.

    Roofing Nail Guns: Need to quickly nail down shingles? Then this is the nail gun for you! Designed specifically for roofing jobs, they make an otherwise mammoth task quick and easy.

    Based on all the consumers' reviews we've scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

    1. Adjustments: Features like adjustable force are appreciated by reviewers, as are guns that offer a variety of nail depth and size adjustments. Reviewers feel that this adds more function to their nail guns and gives them more work opportunities. Before buying your nail gun, compare the features offered by each model.
    2. Loading: Nail guns that are easy to load and unload get good reviews from their owners and nail guns that can load up to 1200 nails per cell make for an efficient, high-volume tool.
    3. Build: Build quality is an important reviewing point by nail gun owners. Nail guns that offer good balance, lightweight body, protected battery housing, and/or a nose piece with rubber to protect the surface of the item they are nailing are top performers among online forum reviews.
    4. Power: In general, when it comes to the noise factor, electric outperforms gas according to the reviews. However, for high-volume nailing needed for the big jobs, gas performs better. Battery powered nail guns that offer 6000 shots per charge and take only up to an hour to charge are the best rated of their type and worth considering.
    • The first thing to consider is what kind of work you need a nail gun for. Choosing the right gun for the job will ensure your shingles will be efficiently done or furniture perfectly finished.
    • There are four types of firing or trigger methods that you will come across in your search for a nail gun. These include simple, pull, tap/bounce, and combination triggers. Simple triggers are easy to use as a single pull will trigger the nail to eject. A pull method allows users to to eject many nails in rapid succession. And a tap or bounce trigger is best suited for high-volume nailing, while combination triggers let you switch between multiple options..
    • Your new nail gun should include a durable guard to protect you from dangerous debris.
    • When it comes to choosing trigger size, larger triggers are more comfortable to hold. A handy trick is to consider the trigger size you will need while wearing work gloves to ensure it will be big enough for comfortable use.
    • Nail guns that offer the ability to switch between multiple nail depths as well as nail sizes will ensure your nails are flush when working with a multitude of surfaces as well as give you more work flexibility.
    • Look for a nail gun that allows you to clear nail jams without hassle for easier working. Comparing reviews of the best rate models will help you find a user-friendly model.
    • Nail guns that come with a case will save you the hassle (and cost) of buying one separately.
    • If you are considering a pneumatic nail gun, look for one with a swiveling air connector as this will reduce the risk of tangles and make your nail gun easier to load.
    • Cordless electric nail guns are the ideal choice for smaller spaces or for jobs where a hose or cable would get in the way.

    Porter Cable: Porter-Cable have been producing high quality power tools such as drills and nailers for over 100 years.

    DeWALT: Formed in 1936, DeWALT is a brand of Black and Decker, and has become a household name for manufacturing quality power tools.

    Paslode: Specializing in nailers, fasteners and staplers, Paslode have 75 years of experience in the power tool industry.

    Freeman: Freeman is another quality brand that specializes in nailers and staplers and prides themselves on service. They back all their tools with a 7 year warranty.

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