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The 10 Best Snake Repellents  Nov 2018

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Best Snake Repellents - Repellent snakes 300 gr Review Mugal
9 . 8
Best Snake Repellents - Bespick Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Insect Repellent Electronic Pest Review Bespick
9 . 4
Best Snake Repellents - Solar Powered Ultrasonic Snake Repeller Aluminium Tube Deterrent Review Ligege
9 . 2
Best Snake Repellents - Lixada 2Pcs Solar Powered Sound Wave Sonic Repeller Review Lixada
8 . 8
Best Snake Repellents - Kungfu Mall Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 2 pack Review Kungfu Mall
8 . 6
Best Snake Repellents - BARRIERE REPULSIVE répulserpentsgranul400g Snake Repellent Granules Ready to Review BARRIERE REPULSIVE
8 . 2
Best Snake Repellents - Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Solar Animal Repellent Get Rid Review Gute
8 . 1
Best Snake Repellents - Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Sonic Mole Vole Repellent Review DSNOW
7 . 7
Best Snake Repellents - 2 Pcs Solar Mole Repeller,Ultrasonic Electronic Drive Away Review Mole Control
7 . 3
Best Snake Repellents - TodoHuertoyJardin – Repellent Granules for Snakes Review TodoHuertoyJardin
7 . 3

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Your Guide To Buying a Snake Repellent

By Yehudah Posnick

    Even though only 20% of snakes are poisonous, you don't want to risk having one of those 20% on your premises. But at the same time, snakes are useful in controlling pests that can do a lot more damage. Rodents such as rats and mice can carry disease, and cause damage to property. So snake repellent is the best idea. It doesn't harm snakes—it just drives them away. Also, you would prefer a product that is safe around humans and household pets. There are several products, that use different means. Here is a guide to some of the best snake repellents on the market.  

    • Electronic devices: There are three major types of electronic devices used to repel snakes:

    1. Ultrasonic snake repellent: These work by emitting a high frequency sound that snakes can't stand. Since the animals may get used to one particular sound over time, and become resistant, there are devices that change the ultrasonic sound from time to time, to remain effective.

    2. Vibrating devices: These emit pulsing vibrations that the snake interprets as signaling danger.

    3. Electromagnetic pulses: The Pest Offense Electronic Pest Repeller changes the electromagnetic field in your home's wiring by sending random pulses. It attacks an animal's nervous system, so that they don't want to stay in your house.

    • Essential Oils: These are natural oils that snakes find offensive (but humans don't). So many snake repellents employ clove oil, cinnamon oil, and cedar oil to repel snakes. The snakes instinctively try to avoid such oils.

    • Naphthalene (moth balls) and sulfur: These substances also disorient a snake that smells it—sort of like the snake equivalent of tear gas. But the smell is pungent for humans too. Since the substance is somewhat caustic, you should use gloves when applying this type of compound—and try not to inhale the fumes yourself.

    • Problems with electronic devices:

    1. If you have a large house, one of the electronic repellent devices might not be enough. You'll have to consider two, one for each end of the house.

    2. There might also be corners and crevices in your home that the snakes can find that are shielded from the device's effects.

    • Keep away from food: The best repellents are not supposed to be toxic—they're just meant to drive snakes away. But you might still have to keep them away from food, or from crops being grown for food or animal feed.

    • When to reapply: Since the chemical repellents work on the snake's sense of smell, a good rule of hand is: when you don't smell the repellent anymore, it has probably worn off, and it is time to apply it again.

    • Pet Owners Some of the electronic devices generate a sound, or emit a signal, that snakes find disturbing. But you might have pets that will also find these sounds and signals disturbing. If you own a pet, check to see that the product will not drive your pet away as well as the snakes. The same goes for the chemical compounds—your dog might not like the smell of mothballs or sulfur.

    • Effectiveness in rainy weather: The chemical repellents can be washed away if there are heavy rains. You might have to apply the repellent again after a rain. Usually the manufacturer suggests reapplying the product once every two weeks anyway, to maintain effectiveness.

    Pest Offense—is a series of devices made by inventor Don Hodgskin, from Casselberry, Florida. They repel pests by electronic means.

    BuyBlocker—BuyBlocker is a company that specializes in pest control deterrents and repellents for reptiles and insects, that are still environmentally safe. They are located in Lake Placid, Florida, and have been operating since 1986.

    DX610 Pest-A-Repel– is a product marketed and sold by, a company that started in 1990. The same company also sells the MiniDoctor, a natural pain relief product, and the Presto Purse organizer. They are now centered in Encinitas, California.

    Flagline-- is a product marketed by Bonide, a company located in Oriskany, New York, and founded in 1926. They specialize in gardening products, such as fertizilizers and seeds, as well as pest control products, both in the home and in the garden.

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