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The 10 Best Spark Plugs  Feb 2019

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Best Spark Plugs - KLAXCAR 43028Z Spark plugs - Set of 4 Review Klaxcar France
9 . 7
Best Spark Plugs - BRISK Silver DR17YS-9 1463 Spark plugs petrol fuel Review Brisk
9 . 4
Best Spark Plugs - Bosch 0242129512 Spark Plug Review Bosch
9 . 1
Best Spark Plugs - Bosch 4 x 0242232502 Spark Plug Set of Review Bosch
8 . 9
Best Spark Plugs - Denso IXU27 Iridium Spark Plug Review Magneti Marelli
8 . 5
Best Spark Plugs - NGK CR-8 EIX CR8EIX Spark Plug Review NGK
8 . 3
Best Spark Plugs - 4 x BOSCH SUPER 4 SPARK PLUGS FOR Review Bosch
8 . 1
Best Spark Plugs - 4PC T BAR SPARK PLUG WRENCH SET 3/8" Review LILMACC®
7 . 9
Best Spark Plugs - NGK Spark Plug B8ES NGK2411 x4 Review
7 . 5
Best Spark Plugs - NGK Spark Plug BKR7E NGK6097 x4 Review
7 . 2

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Your Guide To Buying a Spark Plug

By Yehudah Posnick

    Spark plugs are an inexpensive replacement part on your car. If you see a decrease in your car's fuel efficiency, it could be a problem with the spark plugs. Over time, oil deposits start to collect on the electrodes, and there is also corrosion of the electrodes. That's when you have to replace them—a spark plug with sharp edges on the electrodes ignites fuel more efficiently. You can easily buy and install spark plugs yourself, if you have the socket wrench for them. But installing the wrong ones, or not installing them properly, can do damage to an engine that is worth thousands of dollars. Here is a guide to some of the best spark plugs on the market. 

    • Double-grounded vs. Single-grounded: The electrode-gap part of the spark plug will have the center electrode and either one or more ground electrodes next to it. Having more ground electrodes extends the life of the spark plug (if one of the ground electrodes wears out with age, the spark plug will work with the other electrode). But there might also be a less efficient use of the fuel in this model.

    • Fixed-gap vs. Adjustable gap: The gap of the spark plug is the distance between the center electrode and the ground electrode. The ground electrode is always at 0 volts. When the center electrode reaches the proper voltage, it will give off an electrical discharge, in the form of a spark. That spark ignites fuel, and moves the pistons. If the gap is too small—it will spark at too low a voltage. That will not succeed in igniting enough fuel, and you will see a loss in power. If the gap is too big, it will require a higher voltage to spark. Some spark plugs have a fixed gap, according to the manufacturer's specifications. Some spark plugs have an adjustable gap, which you can change in accordance with a “gap gauge” medallion.

    • Spark plug size: The spark plug size is determined by the diameter of the threaded area. If it is the wrong diameter, you won't be able to tighten it in place as is necessary. Or worse, you may cause damage to the cylinder head by ruining the threading. So always make sure to look for the proper width of spark plug.

    • Reach of spark plug: Another important specification of the spark plug is the reach—this is how far the spark plug projects into the combustion chamber. Take a spark plug, and see how many threads it has. That is an indication of its reach. If it doesn't protrude deep enough into the combustion chamber, you won't get good combustion. If it goes too deep, then it might get banged up by the pistons when the engine is working. Another possibility is pre-ignition—the spark plug sparks and ignites the fuel too early. The result again will be a decrease in power. 

    • Apply anti-seize lubricant: It's suggested to apply anti-seize lubricant to the spark plug, so that it will be easier to replace it later. Make sure that you apply the lubricant only to the threaded area.

    • Heat range: One of the specs that is listed on the side of the spark plug is its heat range. It is the distance from the insulator to the sealing ring:

      • If it's a short distance, it's a colder plug. If the plug is too cold for the engine's specifications, it can cause the plug to clog up quickly with fuel deposits.

      • If it's a long distance, it's a hotter plug. If you use a spark plug that is too hot, it can cause pre-ignition of the fuel and loss of power.

    • Adjusting the gap: Don't use a screwdriver or wrench to adjust the spark plug gap—it can 1) ruin the coating on the electrodes, or 2) flex the metal too much and make it break. Use the “gap gauge” to widen the width gently. If it's too wide a gap, tap it back in place on the table top.

    • Torque wrench: It's best to screw in the spark plugs with a torque wrench to the proper torque, as the engine manufacturer specifies.

    • Cool engine: It's advised to replace the spark plugs only when the engine has cooled off.

    • When to change a spark plug: The color of a used spark plug sparking area can tell you about the car's performance. Using spark plugs under improper conditions can cause engine damage.

      • Light tan/gray: This indicates that the spark plug is operating properly.

      • Heavy black, with deposits: This could indicate that the spark plugs are too cold for the particular engine. They could also indicate too much of a spark gap. If the spark plugs feel oily, it could indicate that the gasket (the round metal ring) on the spark plug is leaking.

      • Bright white: This indicates that the spark plug is overheated. This could be from improperly tightened spark plugs.

    • Stay with the type of plug that you received: If the original spark plug uses precious metals such as platinum, iridium, or yttrium, you should prefer those over the cheaper ones made from copper. The cheaper metals tend to collect deposits more quickly, which degrades their functioning.

    • Important information: When selecting spark plugs, you need to know your car's specifications. If you know the part number for your car's spark plugs, that should be the ultimate piece of information. Otherwise, you can determine what type is best from knowing the car's make, model, its year of manufacture, the number of cylinders, the type of engine, and whether it's an automatic or manual transmission.

    ACDelco— is a branch of General Motors Company (founded in 1917). General Motors acquired dozens of smaller companies that were manufacturing auto parts, among which were AC Spark Plug and United Delco (= Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company). ACDelco was formed by a 1974 merger between the two companies.

    NGK-- was formed in 1936, as a manufacturer of spark plugs. Their headquarters is in Wixom, Michigan. They presently make spark plugs and oxygen sensors for many automobile manufacturers, and are famous for their innovations in spark plug technology.

    Denso-- was established in 1949 as the company Nippondenso Co., Ltd., based in Kariya, Japan. They are a global automotive components manufacturer, making spark plugs, filters, starters, compressors, and more.

    Burger Motorsports-- is an automotive parts company located in Simi Valley, California. They manufacture filters, intake valves, spark plugs, and more, for a wide range of automobiles.

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