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The 10 Best Watch Winders  May 2019

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Best Watch Winders - ADDWEL Automatic Watch Winder Box 4+6 Leather Storage Review ADDWEL
9 . 6
Best Watch Winders - Automatic Watch Winder Box Luxury Wooden for 2 Review Uten
9 . 3
Best Watch Winders - Automatic Watch Winder Box Luxury Wooden for 4 Review Uten
9 . 3
Best Watch Winders - FLOUREON Watch Winder Box Automatic Watch Winders Review FLOUREON
9 . 0
Best Watch Winders - CRITIRON 2 Automatic Watch Winder PU Leather 4 Review CRITIRON
8 . 5
Best Watch Winders - CRITIRON Automatic Watch Winder Case for 1 Watch Review CRITIRON
8 . 3
Best Watch Winders - Automatic Watch Winder Box,Luxury Wood Shell Storage Case Review TiNiN
8 . 1
Best Watch Winders - Pateker® Ebony Wood Finish Single Watch Winder, White Review Pateker®
7 . 7
Best Watch Winders - OneToPia Automatic Watch Winder 4+6 Storage Display Box Review OneToPia
7 . 5
Best Watch Winders - AUBLAN Wooden Double Automatic Watch Winder 2+3 Storage Review AUBLAN
7 . 1

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Your Guide To Buying a Watch Winder

By Nicole Blanckenberg

    Watch winders are designed to mimic the movements of a wearer in order to keep an automatic watch wound even while it isn’t being worn. They are a necessary device for anyone who won’t be wearing a watch every day--especially if they also have a perpetual calendar, which you’ll have to reset every time the watch winds down. They rotate the watch, while the heavy eccentric weight on the rotor remains in one place. The winding barrel rotates underneath this main weight, which in turn winds the mainspring, which can store a sufficient amount of energy for as much as two days of standard watch use. Watch winders are particularly needed if you want to grow your watch collection--you can only wear one watch at a time, after all. However, a bad quality or poorly designed watch winder may cause wear of the watch’s mechanisms, and with many on the market today, finding the right one can seem stressful. To that end, we have put together this watch winding buying guide to help you find the perfect watch winder to house your precious watches and keep them wound. It'll help you:

    • Choose the right type of watch winder,

    • See useful tips about that type of watch winder,    

    • Read reviews of different brands of watch winder, and what customers are saying,

    • Select the right brand of watch winder, and

    • Compare prices and find the best deals.

    An automatic watch will contain as many as 80 to 100 different parts--and the watch will function properly only if the mechanism is maintained in good condition. Automatic watches aren’t battery-operated (Battery-operated watches don’t need a watch winder--a fully-charged battery should do the trick to keep it working properly.). They are wound by moving a rotor and a set of winding gears. Wearing the watch will serve to wind it up, as you walk around with it on your wrist. You want to keep the watch properly wound, but at the same time, it mustn’t be wound in a way that damages the mechanism.

    What is a Watch Winder?

    Watch winders differ in how the winder is powered, where the watch is placed (either externally or internally) and how many watches they hold: one, two, or four. Choosing the right type of watch finder should be based on how many watches you have, whether you plan to display the watch, and what are your budget restrictions. Below is the main types of watch winders for you to compare:  

    • How is the winder powered: You can find corded and battery-powered watch winders:

      • Corded Watch Winders: If you are going to put your watch winder on display, then a corded watch winder may be suited for you. Without the hassle of having to make sure the batteries are charged or need replacing, corded watch winders are a popular, good value choice.

      • Battery-Operated Watch Winders: Battery operated watch winders provide the convenience of being able to arrange the winder without having to worry about an outlet. This is especially practical when the watch winder will be placed in a safe. Many of the Wolf watch winders can be run using "D" size batteries, or from wall current by means of a 3.3 V adapter.

    • Where the watch is placed: Here we see several designs of where the watch is secured during the winding:

      • Exterior Watch Winders: Exterior watch winders hold the watch on the outside of the winder. The come in a variety of builds capable of holding a variety of watches and are ideal for store displays or for a large personal watch collection.

      • Box Watch Winders: An elegant choice, box watch winders offer function, protection, and style, and hold the watch or watches inside a display box. With wood or leather finishing, they can hold up to four watches and are small enough to display or put away in a draw.

    • By the number of watches that can be wound:

      • Single Watch Winders: Single watch winders hold one watch at a time. Compact and neat, they are ideal for owners of up to two watches who only need to store one at a time.

      • Double Watch Winders: With space for two watches, double watch finders are a convenient choice for couples or for watch enthusiasts.

      • Quad Watch Winders: Because quad watch winders hold up to four watches, they offer a lot more storage. For people or families with multiple watches, this type offers the convenience of having one larger watch winder to store instead of multiple smaller units.

      • Modular Watch Winders: Perhaps you have a small watch collection presently, but are interested in adding more over time. Wolf has designed a modular watch winder: It consists of individual watch winders that you can stack together like building blocks. The more watches you have, the bigger the stack. It allows you to wind as many as 12 watches at once, each in its own separate compartment. This will require a bridal cable: Each bridal cable joins a pair of watch winders, which can be inserted into the AC adapter. Alternatively, you can “daisy-chain” them together, and hook up many watch winders together. It will serve to reduce the number of cables from your watch winders.  

    Based on all the consumers' reviews we've scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

    • Operational Noise: The quieter the watch winder, the better the reviews it will get. Consumers who opted for a higher quality winder that runs virtually silent are by far the most satisfied with their purchases. If this is a concern for you, choose a best-rated quality watch winder with good operational noise reviews.

    • Backlight: The WOLF 456302 Viceroy Collection Module 2.7 Triple Watch Winder has a backlight the lights up the winder’s display when you touch the controls. It will remain lit for 10 seconds, letting you see how many revolutions are left until the device completes rewinding the watch.

    • Build: Reviewers base their ratings on how well their watches fit in their watch winders and in the case of ill-fitting watches, there is zero product satisfaction. Your watch winder should hold various size watches as well as accommodate the band, even in the case of larger wrists. Check compatibility and product specs before choosing to ensure your watches and watch winder will be a good fit.

    • Lifespan: Winders are an investment, and units offering good warranties that are still in perfect operation after years of use are valued by their owners. Choose a watch winder with at least a one year warranty and opt for a good quality brand to ensure your watch winder stands the test of time. Experts say that an inadequate watch winder, or a “homemade” device that you put together yourself, can do more damage than just letting the watch wind down by doing nothing. They can cause wear on the watch’s mechanisms, by performing the same repetitive action, at a rate not suited for the particular watch.

    • Price: The Wolf 456302 Viceroy Collection Module 2.7 Triple Watch Winder can wind three watches at a time, and is one of the most advanced watch winders. It goes for around $825. The Kendall Quad Watch Winder has much fewer features--it runs at $119. Some customers have noticed that it is not made for men’s size watches--it can only accommodate a 6” diameter wristband.

    • Wound or unwound? Some users say that a mistake that owners make is placing the watch in the watch winder when it is not fully wound. Rather, it should be used to keep a watch fully wound.  Thus, they should wind the watch manually, and place it in the watch winder. The rocking of the watch winder keeps the mechanism of the watch wound fully. There is no chance of “over-winding” an automatic watch--the winding process is disengaged when the watch is fully wound. (This is not the same as a mechanical watch--those can be over-wound. Don’t confuse the two types!) If your automatic watch has stopped, you can turn the crown on an automatic watch (the knob near the 3 o’clock indicator) around 30 or 40 times, and you’ll see that it has come back to life.

    • Elegance: Where will you be putting your watch winder? If your new watch winder will be going onto a table or somewhere where it can be seen, the watch winder's design will be a big consideration for you. Watch winder boxes offer the best elegance and style options.

    • Not every watch needs a watch winder: You may have several automatic, self-winding watches. But if you don’t intend to wear the watch even twice a week, it’s best to let the mechanism run down, than to constantly engage the mechanism by putting the watch in a watch winder.

    • Compatibility: Another thing to consider is what watch you own and if the watch winder will be compatible. There are one or two brands that require very specific watch winders and checking watch and watch winder compatibility beforehand will prevent disappointment.

    • Padding: Look for a watch winder with padding underneath the unit to protect the surface you are placing it onto from damage.

    • Multiple programs: Watch winders with multiple programs will give you more versatility on the types and makes of watches you will be able to keep wound. Wolf watches have a delayed program start--you can set it to wind up the watch in a few hours, and stop when the watch is fully wound. The Chiyoda Single Watch Winder has 8 settings for rotational speeds, for various numbers of turns per day. The Wolf Watch Winders have digital settings, for you to dial in the exact rotational speed.

    • For Travelers: Opt for a battery operated watch winder if you intend to use it for traveling. (the Wolf brand of watch winders use “D” batteries, so you won’t be dependent on wall current.)

    • How many rotations per day: Most watches need 650 turns per day (abbreviated TPD), and a good watch winder should offer at least that. The watch should have a setting for what is the optimal number of turns per day--try to adhere to that number. (Some Rolex watches will require 750 TPD.) For added convenience, look for a watch winder that offers more turns per day, and a timer, so that you can schedule at what time of day the watch is wound.

    • Clockwise, Counterclockwise, and Bidirectional Winders: There are watch winders that are bidirectional, alternatingly going both clockwise and counterclockwise. This is recommended for some Rolex watches. Other watches are best wound using a counterclockwise motion. Adhere to the instructions for that particular watch, and program your watch winder accordingly.

    • Adjustable cuff: Sometimes you’ll see that the watch doesn’t fit snugly onto the cuff, or maybe the cuff is too big to secure your watch. Wolf produces a number of cuffs of different sizes to be inserted in your watch winder--so that you can select the proper diameter for your watch. The Wolf 270002 has a cuff that can hold a watch wristband that is 10 inches in diameter. Wolf also makes watch winders with a lock-in cuff, to maintain a good grip on heavier watch types.

    • Protective Lining: Watch winders need to be built so that they not only wind your watch but protect it too. Quality box watch winders should include fabric lining to ensure your watches are protected from scratches while being stored.

    • Noise Factor: Watch winders have motors and therefore you can expect some operational noise. If you are placing your watch winder where noise may be an issue, such as the bedroom, a watch winder with a timer so that winding can be done when you out of the home is a good solution. The watch winder should ideally make little to no noise when turning the watches around.

    • Sturdy build: Box watch winders should have strong hinges and supportive lid. To ensure your new winder has a quality build, opt for a best-rated unit with good reviews.

    • Storage compartment: Many watch winders will have a storage compartment, besides the area for the mechanism that rotates the watches. This allows you to put your watches in a secure place--which is especially important for luxury watches. The Kendal Quad w412 has a storage shelf that can hold up to 10 watches.

    • Stylish appearance: The Kendal Quality Wood Quad Watch Winder and Storage Box is made from solid wood, which has been hand-polished for a glossy finish. There are also leather-bound and faux-leather watch winding boxes, for a luxurious appearance.


    • Heiden: Specializing exclusively in watch winders, Heiden is known for its wide range of quality watch winders.

    • Versa: Manufactured in California, Versa watch winders carry at least a 1-year warranty.

    • Wolf Designs: Wolf is a family business of watch winders, watch boxes, and jewelry boxes, which was started in 1834 by the German silversmith Philipp Wolf I. His sons and grandsons continued the business in Malmo, Sweden. The company has been under the leadership of five generations of Wolf sons, who have succeeded in making Wolf the market leader in jewelry boxes.


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